Subway Footlong Frenzy Game! (Instant Win!)

Win Free Stuff From Subway!



Subway is having an instant win game! I love instant win games, especially when you actually win. So far everyone that has entered has at least won a 20oz Coca Cola product. It is rewarded in My Coke Reward Points, so you can go over here and make an account.

Here are the Prizes!

* 40 My Coke Rewards® Points – 2,000,000 winners!
* $2 SUBWAY® Card – 12,000 winners
* Free Footlong™ (awarded as an $8 SUBWAY® Card) – 4,000 winners
* Free Footlongs™ for a year (awarded as $260 in SUBWAY® Cards) – 93 winners
* $200 Southwest Airlines Gift Card – 250 winners
* $1,000 Visa® Prepaid Card – 28 winners
* Free airfare on Southwest Airlines for a year for you and a friend – 5 winners
* Roundtrip Airfare voucher on Southwest Airlines – 60 winners
* 2013 Jeep® Compass – 2 winners

This is only through March 8th, and you can enter 3 codes per day. You can only use each of these codes once. Head on over and win some awesome prizes!

Here are some free codes!






Remember, if it says, “sorry”, to try again! You can enter up to 3 codes a day! When you win, they will email you the code to redeem on My Coke Rewards!

Make sure to COMMENT if you win!

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