Beauty Box 5 – fun products delivered once a month for just $12!

Megan and I are so excited to begin reviewing products for you! We have tons and tons of reviews in the works. Megan has been e-mailing companies like crazy!

Today I have a review for you of a company called Beauty Box 5. Basically its a subscription box filled with all sorts of things to try and you can get one every month for just $12.

So, what sort of cool things does $12 get you? I was pretty excited about it. Here are the things that were in my box:

mini-moisture cream from Evie Evan.

Evie Evan

These retail for $13. I have to be honest. I wanted to dislike this product, facial creams in pots are usually wayyyy too emolient for my acne prone skin. But I’ve been using it for 3 days now and it makes my skin feel really nice, makes my make-up go on more smoothly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or cause break-outs. I actually really like it. And, it smells good, sort of a minty-medicinal scent.

I also got a lip-shine from H. Wood Beauty:

lip shine

These retail for $16.  This is a hydrating tinted lip balm that I liked wearing under my lipstick. The tint was very, very sheer.

I got a Lash Cards

lash cardThese retail for $6.99 and were really useful for applying bottom mascara. I seem to always get it under my eyes and that’s not cute!

I got the Beauty Restore Mask from Masker Aide:

Masker AideThese retail for $4.99 and this was a fun little treat. I put it on before I went to bed and sat and read for a little bit, made my face feel nice and smooth.

Last but not least I got blush from Everyday Minerals


These retail for $6.99 and I LOVE this. Its really great blendable blush that lasts all day. I’m actually looking into their powder to try since I liked this so much. They send free samples so that will be a great way to try it out and make sure I like it. Here’s a link to request samples if you’re interested.

So, overall if I had bought the products in the box at retail I’d have paid over $50 by the time I paid for shipping! $12 for this box is a steal if you’re a fan of fancy beauty products. And who doesn’t like a monthly treat in their mail-box. Its so fun to have goodies in there with the bills 🙂

If you’d like to sign up for a beauty box head on over to Beauty Box 5 to set up your subscription for just $12 per month!

**Disclaimer: This is Amy and I received my beauty box for free with the agreement that I would review it. I was not paid any monetary sum for the review and the opinions expressed are my honest thoughts and feelings about the products**

$120 worth of clothes for $40 at Kmart!


Kmart has some awesome deals going right now for clothes. One of my chief complaints about being broke is that I never get to buy anything for ME! So, I thought I’d write a post about how to make treating yourself a little more affordable.

The clothes pictured up there would have cost about $125 at non-clearance prices.  I paid $40 in cash and got back a $5 reward card. So that’s a pretty great savings!

Here’s how to work this deal (You need to have a Kmart Shop Your Way Card for this):
Go online to Shop Your Way and print the coupon to get 8,000 points when you spend $75.
I assume you’re buying groceries this week, doesn’t everyone?
Go to SuperK and spend at least $75 on your groceries. Its not hard to do.

Here are some ideas about what’s in the Kmart Ad at a decent price:

Roast Beef, Corned Beef, and Swiss Cheese: $4.99/lb

Chuck Roast: $2.99/lb

Dole Bagged Salad: $2.50

Scott Paper Towels 8-roll or Toilet Paper 12-rolls: $5

Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen Cleaner: $2.50
Use a coupon: –$1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles kitchen Cleaner


When you spend the $75 in groceries cash out. You will get a $5 gift card (valid starting 2/24) and 8,000 pts from the coupon (That’s worth $8).

There’s also a $10 of $50 of family apparel printing for some people on the bottom of their receipt. You’ll want to print the $5 off $35 from the Shop Your Way site just in case!

Now for the clothes!
Kmart has lots of apparel clearance priced right now, and this week they are taking an additional 30% off clearance.

So, pick out $50 worth of clothing (be sure to factor in that 30% off when you’re getting to $50)
Use the $10 off $50 that printed from your grocery shopping (or the $5 of $35 if that coupon didn’t print for you)

Also, redeem the 8,000 points you earned on your first transaction.

Pay as little as $32 and get another $5 gift card (valid starting 2/24) back!

So, for doing your grocery shopping at Kmart this week you were able to get clothes 70% off AND $10 back in store gift cards to use next week. Awesome!


Review of Totsy

I’m so excited! My kid’s rainboots came from Totsy today!


They are SO CUTE! I was worried that they’d look cheap since I only paid $12 for them but they’re awesome. I got a pair for each boy and the kids are stoked. They’ll be allowed off the pavement on rainy/muddy days now at school.

Do you use Totsy? If you don’t you should! They have the cutest things for moms, kids and your home at really great discounts. The *only* drawback to ordering something from Totsy is that shipping takes about 2 weeks. But, with the deals being as good as they are, I don’t really mind.

The deals on Totsy change daily, right now here are the things on my wish list!


The cutting board is $11.50, the set of 3 bowls is just $10 and the boys swim shorts are only $8.50!

Pretty good deals right?

Kid Toys are TOO Expensive!

So, it just popped up on my newsfeed that this children’s toy grill is marked way down on Amazon. It’s only $22!
So, this is the internet and you can’t see me rolling my eyes but, I am.

I might pay $5 for this at a yard sale, but come on $22? Seems kinda steep.



So, off to pinterest I went. I was sure that you could make a kid’s grill that was way cuter and way cheaper and voila, I was right.  I also stumbled onto a great blog called Apartment Therapy.

Here’s her awesome kids’ grill that she has a tutorial on how to MAKE!
make grill
She’s saying this can be done for under $20, but honestly – I’m thinking under $10 if you head to Dollar Tree to buy the bowl.

Check out her tutorial here!

Part of living a full life, when you’re flat broke is knowing what’s just unnecessary. And $22 for a plastic grill even if it is on sale is just unnecessary!

Free Cookies at Subway on the 18th


So, no school on Monday because its President’s Day! I love having my kids home but I really hate having to cook for both lunch and dinner! Subway is giving away free cookies with any purchase and I think I may swing by there and grab lunch.

Is it terrible that I’m going to take cash and let each kid buy their own food so they can get their free cookie?